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10 08 2008

An 81 year old Indiana woman was arrested this week after having been found guilty of violating the federal guidelines for prescription sharing. In an apparent attempt to poison her husband with nasal spray the authorities have been called in for further investigation. There has been no bail set at this time. She has been placed under house arrest until further notice.



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10 08 2008
Amy Jo

I LOVE that second picture! I’m assuming that it was Bill trying to maintain a bit of his famous humor. It’s good to see that some things never change! Thinking of you as the journey begins to wind down!

10 08 2008

Talked to Gpa today….he ended the conversation with, ” the next time I see and talk to you….that will be a good day.” wow.

10 08 2008

it will…let’s all keep that in mind. started his hospice meds this evening and hopefully he will be more restful. we may lose some communication but his comfort is our priority. it’s all good boys and girls…it’s all good.

10 08 2008
Buddy McNiece (only born son!)

And all should know without any doubt that the 3 of us, Melinda, Wendy and I, are in complete harmony with each of the decisions being made. The last phrases of Wendy’s post is so right – it IS all good.

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