saturday to do list

3 08 2008
  1. sleep as long as possible
  2. get up – have coffee
  3. go back to bed
  4. make the Dr. something decent to eat
  5. beer
  6. nap
  7. shower till i prune
  8. beer
  9. blog
  10. beer or wine
  11. do laundry while watching tv
  12. beer
What a great day. No, I didn’t get to everything. But I do have a new appreciation for simple things when I am here. Sitting on my porch, catching up on one of my favorite shows like- This American Life – especially since I had zero competition for the remote but all it took was for my cell phone to ring once for my heart to be in my throat. I was sure it was a call from my mom. But alas, it was only Target reminding me to come see them tomorrow and pick up a prescription. So if I’d have to vote I’d say the highlight was number 7.
Last weekend before I left Indiana, I stopped at McDonald’s to get one of those ridiculously sweet teas but you would have thought I was at Starbuck’s how I customized it…”Half sweet tea, half lemonade and about 1/4 of the ice you morons usually put in it – please”. Lest you think I’m being harsh in my assessment – they got it wrong…I guess there is no button on the machine that corresponds. Anyway, before I got on the road I needed to get something out of the trunk so I pulled over to a parking spot. Some friends drove up behind me and asked how things were going.
“Well, I’m headed home for a couple of days but I need to put on another shirt before I leave,” fishing it out of my traveling wardrobe in the trunk of my car intending to do one of those getting dressed under your T-shirt tricks. They were looking at me suspiciously. I had more explaining to do, “see I live out of the trunk because there’s some mold or something at the padres’ house that leaves everything smelling dank…and to add insult to injury – they have well water!” I just needed the feeling of changing out of a work uniform into street clothes. These were good friends – they know the whole story – they just laughed. They aren’t surprised at me or the situation.
But today while I was taking one long luxiurious hot shower with no intension of hurrying I remembered my sage advice to new moms … “if you get a shower and/or brush your teeth sometime in the day – it’s a good day”. It was a good day.