flutterbies & feathers

26 07 2008

for years his garage was famous. filled to the roof with things someone might need sometime – the door could barely be opened let alone park a car or lawnmower inside. then he retired and she made him clean it out. but every once in a while when no one is watching, i sneak in for treasures yet to be uncovered…i gasp – it’s just where i’d think to put it – next to the oil can and in the plastic tub with the goggles…butterfly wings and feathers. he was saving them for me…just like the dead cardinal he kept for weeks last winter until i could brave the perils of the frozen north to make the trip south…it was carefully laid in a tin box until we could have the wake. all for me because only trinket tinkerers understand.



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27 07 2008

i noticed the “notice” sign behind the box of treasures…how perfect. how right. why do we only appreciate these treasures that life leaves behind during the dawn and dusk of our lives? a seashell…an odly shaped stone…a feather…a butterfly wing. to live with wonder. magic. You are in the “magic hour” of the dusk of your parents’ time…where the mundane becomes filled with new meaning. a fleeting moment when the world is saturated with the orange glow of a setting sun. “these are the best times to take pictures…”,you once told me, “see how the light makes all the colors in your skin come alive?”

30 07 2008

today was tough…that flickering lightbulb thing. always waiting for the shoe to drop and knowing when it does – it’ll be the right time and the best thing. but i feel it is a wonderful priviledge of time stamping these days for you (and all your cousins, and the great-grandbabies, etc). I really hope I can hang on thru the end and that the end gets to be the way he wanted it to be…here, at home – no tubes, no tanks, etc.

1 08 2008
Buddy McNiece (only born son!)

Put things back in their proper places and you will find them when you want them”

That hung in my various basement bedrooms in our 2 Gary, IN homes. I could always listen to WLS…the joy of being banished to the netherworlds!

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