looking out for myself

24 07 2008

No one is keeping track of how many little errands I must run. Most times I just disappear…buy a

bottle of water, drive around the block, it doesn’t matter – I just need the break. As I glanced up I saw myself in the rearview mirror driving the car behind me. Woman: mid-50’s Two passengers: 80 something male – front passengers side. 80 something female – back passengers side.

We had just been out for a scoop of ice cream and to pick up a repaired left hearing aid…where were they going? Did the chauffer live in town? Had she just quit her job to take on this new venture? Was there tension in her shoulders? Did she hope against hope that she’d sleep like a rock very very soon? But most importantly was her heart as happy as mine was knowing I was doing the right thing?



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