breakfast at tiffany’s…almost

24 07 2008

It’s a good day when he gets to have breakfast at George’s. Greek meets grab n’ go. Half order of biscuits and gravy topped with 2 oz. of hot maple syrup. Enough “slopkins” to circle the globe a time or two. But oh…the bounty this pirate man takes. Two or three more mini-cups of maple syrup get stealthily dropped into the empty pop cup as if no one is noticing. Those get put into the fridge at home to become the ultimate topping for “p-buzzes” (Honey Nut Cheerios). It’s hardest to watch him lick out the empty containers with his tongue – I dare say I’m sure I tried along the way somewhere, sometime and can guarantee I got the message that it wasn’t necessary. But the rules have changed. Now what is important is that he took enough breaths to wake up another day, remembered how to put his pants on, and got to have breakfast at George’s at least one more time.



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7 08 2008

ben there ,seen this

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