She speaks…

23 07 2008

So many things she has seen – though only through one eye. Years collecting exit stamps from foreign lands. Now settled – not nearly enough but settled nonetheless – the brain chatter is muted for reasons beyond her control. Exiled to a new port – this purveyor of trinkets– begins to absorb her new culture, keenly cocking her head to one side to catch the nuances of tones and inflections but alas, she realizes that there is no room for new unless she off-loads the old…

thus she speaks.



One response

28 07 2008

Today in my journal I wrote,” I’m happy that I was once your shoe gum, it’s a connection…a bonding. Perhaps at times at times it’s too sticky and sweet, but it’s definitely been given a good chew…”

It strikes me that we are in such opposite stages… This has been my summer of learning about all the pain that I am powerless to prevent in my girls.

I am very happy that she is speaking and I am listening…

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